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We have been devoting to building extensive chain of sales service system and setting up Sales Network around the country. We commit ourselves to offering genuine products & excellent service for old & potential clients based on our rich professional experience We are looking forward to making new friends & partners around the country to work hand in hand

The other business arrangements in other major town/Cities of India, have been one of the most successful achievements of our company in recent times.

Local people are being employed to provide Services in the respective areas and to improve  the opportunity for customers to seek local solutions for their needs.

Local Problems require local & immediate support but specialist advice will always be available to assist with issue resolution and finding the best solution.

These groups are not independent of each other. They are solidly linked to our ability to create & deliver outstanding value to our customers, both current & potential efforts of all the partners, associates and employees involved in the entire Organization, who are dedicated, knowledgeable and motivated and these qualities, result surely, from our ability to create a value laden working environment for all members of the Track & Trakto family.

Finally, the communities in which We operate must see us as a valued neighbor, One, who not only provides an economic basis for the area, but also shares the social & Moral values of the community.


Track & Trakto is one of the largest independent distributors of heavy equipment parts and diesel engine spares for bulldozers, excavators, power generation sets and marine engines in India. Being located in Mumbai (financial hub and capital city of Maharashtra state) and Kolkatta (Metropolitan city and Capital city of West Bengal state) We at Track & Trakto, enjoy a lot of advantages like...

Well developed commercial infrastructure with high profile investments into real estates, warehousing arrangements to have an easy access to stocks resulting in ON-TIME delivery and service to the customer at short notices
Well established financial and banking network
Easy access by air and rail from all major cities in India and abroad
Convenient imports by ocean as well as air
Well established marketing network throughout India to channelize an easy promotion of the product brands we represent
Large pool of skilled talent, familiar with technical and marketing criteria
We enjoy the association of dedicated business partners to allow us an edge over other enterprise

The above factor along with the existing planned infrastructure facilities provide an edge over others in terms of its ability to deliver quality products and meet the stringent requirement of customers

Track & Trakto's basic guiding principle over the years has been to ensure customer satisfaction by offering import & procurement arrangement.

You can rely on Track & Trakto, as the largest one stop centre for a comprehensive range of genuine, OEM and quality replacement parts 


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